It is a known fact that the Mediterranean regions are the cradle of some of the most important civilizations of the world and have left without any doubt a cultural heritage that has influenced the entire world until today. These regions have also a diversity of landscapes that contribute to local and regional identity, reflecting the past and present relationship between man and his natural and built environment. Nowadays, however, increasing threats to cultural identity, heritage and landscape diversity of the region due to external (e.g. globalization) and internal factors (e.g. rapid urbanization with consequent impacts on traditional socio-economic structures) can be witnessed constantly. Now the Mediterranean is subject to increasing degradation of its environment, their cultural heritage and landscapes.

Grand Harbour

Because of that it is a necessity to encourage involved organisms and organizations, to strive for rational exploitation of this space, with innovative and the most modern technologies taking due account of the imperatives of conservation and reinforcing the  practice of a sustainable tourism that provokes low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems. Innovation, together with absorption and application of technologies to traditional and important sectors as Tourism in the Mediterranean countries, will be a key aspect of future economic development of them.