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Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a comprehensive, state-supported university located on the outskirts of Irbid, in northern Jordan, 70km north Amman, the capital city of Jordan. JUST was established in 1986 as an autonomous national institute of higher education with the main objective of producing outstanding professionals in specializations that match the needs of Jordan and the region.
The university provides a wide range of advanced degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, many of them are not offered by any other Jordanian university. At the present time, the university comprises 12 faculties and 55 departments offering 42 undergraduate programs and 95 postgraduate programs. Today JUST has more than 800 full-time faculty members, with 20,000 undergraduate and 1800 graduate students. JUST comprises more than 5,000 international students of 60 nationalities, rendering it the most cultural-diverse university in Jordan.
In 2011, JUST has begun to make its mark in the QS World University Rankings which, in return, placed JUST at 601+ according to the QS World University Ranking System. JUST has been ranked 301 in academic field. In addition, the university was ranked 71 in recruiting top quality international students.

Main responsibilities within the HELAND Project

JUST as PP9 in the project was involved in the studying of sustainable tourism implementation at heritage and historic sites in Jordan. The first deliverable was concerned with giving full information about Jordan as a country of the Middle-east countries. A general study and vision of the state of the art and the situation of the Mediterranean countries including Jordan was carried out to show how tourism is important for the national economy of Jordan.
While the second deliverable report was to develop indicators’ dimensions and its measurement criteria to achieve sustainable tourism. This was to discuss first the definition of sustainable tourism and the four important dimensions that formulate and affect the level of sustainability. These are the environmental, Social, economic and management. The indicators of each dimension were figured out and the way how to be tested was set out. A field work was started after the pilot sites were selected (as-Salt city and Madaba city). Questionnaires and interviews were designed and carried out to collect more data. A 3D-GIS software is under construction to be done for both cities during the second year, as well as an interactive Virtual Tour.

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