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Heland Project has as main objective the promotion of sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism heritage and landscape protections clusters.

The achievement of this strategic objective will be obtained by means of:

  • Promotion of socio-economic and research in the process of local development of Mediterranean Sea Basin countries, since Heland considers that research activities support the process of the competitive development of territories.
  • Establishment of a common approach for sustainable tourism through the set of meaningful sustainable indicators in all partners’ countries.
  • Modernization of “mature” productive sectors such as tourism by means of implementing a new perspective based on sustainability criteria, international normative and on the know –how of the local actors.
  • Involvement of all social stakeholders in the process since Heland aims at responding to new demands not only of the tourist but also of the local stakeholders.
  • Diffusion of new procedures and innovative technologies through the setting up of a cross-border network at Mediterranean Basin level involving Universities, research centers, professional societies, regional institutions, SME clusters, NGOs, etc.