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Expected Results

Sin título-2In the short term, Heland will have a direct impact in the case studies, which will see how its competitiveness is enhanced by means of applying the new methodological approach, as well as the tailored innovation solutions.Helandis also expected to have a tangible impact on target groups on the long term. Through the direct involvement of representative of all social stakeholders during the life of the project, it is expected that they use the results of the project as a new tool to empower sustainable tourism.

End users will adopt the new methodologies and technologies to preserve their cultural and landscape heritage.
Moreover, the identified common indicators will be a regal basis to improve the economic prosperity and social stability fostered by responsible tourism preserving for future generations their prized assets.

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From the legal framework, we expect local and regional authorities of the Mediterranean Basin adopt the methodologies resulted of Heland so that they can enhance thesustainability if tourism in their heritage places and landscape by means of drafting the needed protection regulations.

To assure these impacts, Heland will establish a network that will act as an observatory of the sustainability indicators obtained after the implementation of the project. It will also provide technical and regulatory updates.